In 2014, ViaData identified a functional gap between receiving enquiries and converting a booking. This functional gap was to manage the relationship with the customer (particularly their expectations, desires, frustrations and varying requirements) whilst preparing travel / tour packages for them, which can be time-consuming.

ViaData commissioned a market research company to confirm the size of the potential market with this type of business issue. The size of the problem in the market was subsequently confirmed. However, we also realised that any system we developed to maintain customer relationships also needed to flow seamlessly into a booking system, itinerary builder and back-office accounting system to create an end-to-end travel business solution.

With the results of the survey in hand, we identified a travel business partner to work alongside us as we developed a business application to fill this industry need. We spent 2 years building and proving the business application, Travelyst, in a live, working environment. During this time our development partner, Perfect Destinations, grew their business 300% using Travelyst. [ more - Case Studies ]
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