Go2Africa is a web-based travel agency. They act as a travel aggregator and value-added travel services provider, purchasing products and services directly from suppliers.

Their travel consultants need to have an extremely high level of destination and product knowledge. In-depth access to travel information is vital to Go2Africa, however they had inherited disparate databases that did not "talk" to each other.

Understanding, managing and using travel information for efficient workflow was impossible. Individual data repositories resulted in fragmented, outdated and unmanageable data. Go2Africa's business information needed to be integrated and presented in a clear, concise format.

Catalyst allowed for rapid development with early wins and deliverables. ViaData set about replacing the core systems, providing a platform for absorbing or integrating each of the existing systems.

Significant improvements were made in access to information, search facilities, accuracy and manageability of data. The ability to make continuous improvements and changes to the system allows Go2Africa to react to market opportunities with speed.

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