Looking to build custom, flexible business systems that adapt rapidly to changing business requirements? Catalyst, the Business Systems Engine from ViaData, puts Agile development in the hands of Business Analysts.
Catalyst BSE™ is ViaData's core product. A business systems engine that changes the way business software is developed. Using Catalyst BSE™ ViaData can offer clients custom software that is focused 100% on their business requirements. The resulting systems provide solutions that are durable in the face of continuously changing business and technical environments. Catalyst BSE™ delivers these powerful systems at a cost affordable to most small and medium enterprises.
No two businesses are the same. Competition depends on distinct differences. The right business system to support your business is unlikely to come out of a shrink-wrapped box. We seek to understand your competitive edge better than you do, then we set out to craft software around that edge.
Catalyst is our business systems engine; the turbo-charged V12 that lurks below the hood of the unassuming exterior of ViaData. Catalyst has enabled us to deliver custom business systems in unbelievably short time frames. It also handles 'curves' (those last minute scope changes) like a dream - changes and enhancements are no longer a "mission impossible".
Wasted resources are a red rag to a bull at ViaData. We don't believe in coding when coding is not necessary. That's why we invested time in building Catalyst, our business systems engine. We believe that good software development is not about clever code or technology. It is about creating information systems that support business goals. Good business software has to make good business sense.
Most IT managers will not believe that a system will not need to be replaced or refreshed within a matter of years. Catalyst based systems do not need to be refreshed or replaced; they easily adapt, expand, and morph around changing business needs. Not something that blows your socks off unless you consider the money you will save in years to come.
Custom software is usually expensive; after all you're paying clever people to write reams and reams of complex computer languages and it takes them a long time. Shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf software is often chosen for budgetary reasons When you're obsessive about efficiency and you're using a powerful engine like Catalyst, custom software becomes affordable.
ViaData is a company dedicated to providing data-focused business software systems to businesses.

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Catalyst BSE™ puts agile development in the hands of Business Analysts.

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